From her youth she loved

Villa il Palmerino


“MAMA DEAR, I like to write about her, because anything else I could write about at this moment would be very painful to me, and (if you could have it explained) very painful to you also”.
Vernon Lee, Letters 1856-1935


Author and director: Silvia Giordano
with Ginevra Mazzoni e Cristina Roggerini
Videomaker: Biancalisa Nannini
Sound consultant: Francesco Giubasso Scientific consultants: Tomi Ann Roberts, Tanya Olive & Federica Parretti
Production: La Cap | Re-Hub Coproduction: Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino
sustained by PARC Performing arts Research Centre & Associazione Culturale il Palmerino
Photographer: Marco Berni


A perceptive and emotional journey in the form of video and choreographic itinerary bringing to the surface testimonies and memories from the garden of Villa il Palmerino, residence of the writer and intellectual Vernon Lee from 1889 until her death. With her partner Clementina Anstruther-Thomson they measured responses to works of art through physiognomy, breathing, heartbeats, eye and muscular movements, thus providing a scientific basis for aesthetic empathy.








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