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11-14 | 15-17.30
via Viale Roma, 15, a Perugia, tel 3384249075




La cap | Creative Re-hub in collaboration with HOME | Centro creazione coreografica organize a workshop with the choreographer and author Silvia Giordano to meet new dancers in view of future collaborations.


The workshop aims to be an opportunity to familiarize with the language of the choreographer and is open to dancers aged 20 to 35 with excellent modern and / or contemporary dance technique, interested in quality and movement research, curious and proactive, who are willing to get involved.

« The workshop involves the exploration of our body in motion through a journey of sensations, images, shapes and sounds in order to trigger channels of awareness on where movement arises and where technique and skill connects to. I will escort the group in the unfolding of the emerging narratives in their dancing bodies making them able to tune into their movement engines and on textural qualities as a way to unlearn and get rid of familiar patterns.

We swim in honey, we go through rains and earthquakes, we become gorillas with gills, we keep our secret safe in our fingers. Within an insight to improvisation, tools for composition and material from my work “Fresh oranges into the ocean”, I will share with the group some tools that helped me to frame, articulate and transmit my language giving also a glimpse of my creative process”.


The workshop is free and open to a maximum of 15 participants.
To participate, send a short bio / cv with photo no later than 10 March 2022 to
We will send you a confirmation email for participation.


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