Tremendous Hop


Tremendous Hop is a reflection on the contradictions and paradoxes caused by the seductive narrative of power. It looks at the state of uncertainty and confusion hidden under a green lawn of synthetic grass, at the estrangement and disorientation generated by the distorted interpretations of our present condition.
Research on the transformation of micro-gestures associated with language, investigates the areas of authority and leadership in the relationships between bodies. Hop is the warning that guides them, a power relationship masked as a game, a hope that has lost its last letter, a glass full to the brim that claims its emptiness.



Choreography: Silvia Giordano

Dancers: Giorgia Bortoluzzi, Rebecca Carluccio, Stefano De Luca, Ludovica Di Santo, Mathilde Fasciana, Francesca Roini, Andrea Scarfi

Lights: Sander Loonen

Sound design: Michele Braga

Dramaturgical Support: Guy Cools

Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia / Foto: Andrea Avezz├╣

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