Fresh oranges into the ocean

Theater De Nieuwe Vorst

We are oranges thrown into the ocean,

hesitantly wondering whether to float or sink

a thrust from below keeps us rolling

someone pulls us, throws us, peels us, crushes us.

We would like to scream, sink, run away,

stand still on that table and wait for it to pass,

it happens, sometimes, that we dive in,

and we learn to swim, floating after drowning,

with a wedge of a smile showing our teeth.


A collective journey of intuitive realities is fed through images and sounds by the three female performers. Through their lightness, disorientation, vitality, and strength, they create a metaphorical and intimate narrative of their present condition embracing the accidents emerged while searching. The first version of the work has been presented at the Comma Festival in Tilburg and won Theodor Rawyler prize 2021.



Choreographer and Author: Silvia Giordano

Dancers: Eduarda Santos, Noemi Calzavara, Reiko Ohta

Light design: Elisabetta Campanelli

Sound design: Giorgos Gargalas

Awards: Theodor Rawyler Prize 2021

Ph: Alina Fejzo


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